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ScrapeBox 所有功能模块翻译

ScrapeBox 所有功能模块翻译
以下是ScrapeBox V1.15.21 的截图

ScrapeBox 各功能模块翻译

一、ScrapeBox 菜单部分

ScrapeBox 菜单部分

1.File 文件
└─Exit ScrapeBox 退出ScrapeBox

2.Projects 项目
└─Load ScrapeBox Poster ProjectsCtrl+O 加载ScrapeBox发布项目
└─Save ScrapeBox Poster Projects Ctrl+W 保存ScrapeBox发布项目
└─Load Application EnvironmentCtrl+L 加载应用环境
└─Save Application Environment Ctrl+S 保存应用环境

3.Settings 设置
└─Adjust Maximum Connections 调整最大连接数
Adjust Maximum Connections 调整最大连接数
┣:The Maximum Connections setting allows you to control how many connections ScrapeBox will use at once. Use a lower setting for slow
internet connections, and a higher setting for fast internet connections.
┣:Google Harvester Google收割机
┣:Yahoo Harvester Yahoo收割机
┣:Bing Harvester Bing收割机
┣:AOL Harvester AOL收割机
┣:Fast Poster 快速发布
┣:Proxy Harvester 代理收割机
┣:Ping Websites Ping 网站
┣:Email Grabber 邮件采集
┣:Send Trackbacks 发送引用
┣:Link Checker 链接核查
┣:Rss XMl Export Rss XMl 输出
┣:Index Checker 索引核查
┣:Pagerank 页面等级
┣:Change Private Proxies every 1 post 更改私人代理在每1张贴
┣:Domain Name Lookup 域名查询

└─Adjust Timeout Setting 调整超时设置

Adjust Timeout Setting 调整超时设置
┣:The Timeout Settings allow you to control how long ScrapeBox will wait for URL’s to load before marking them as bad and moving on
to the next. Use a higher setting for slow internet connections, and a lower setting for fast internet connections.

超时设置允许您控制多久ScrapeBox将等待网址之前加载它们标记为坏,并移动到下一个.使用更高的设置,为缓慢的互联网连接和一个较低的设置进行快速的互联网连接 .

┣:Harvester Timeout 收割机超时
┣:Fast Poster Timeout 快速发布超时
┣:Slow Poster Timeout 慢速发布超时
┣:Link Checker Timeout 链接核查超时
┣:Proxy Harvester Timeout 代理收割机超时
┣:Index Checker Timeout 索引核查超时
┣:Email Grabber Timeout 邮件采集超时

└─AdjustRND Delay Range 调整随机延迟范围

AdjustRND Delay Range 调整随机延迟范围
┣:Select the delay in minutes below
┣:Range Maximum 最大范围
┣:Range Maximum 最小范围

└─Set Countryor Origin for BlogEngine 设置国家或来源的博客引擎
└─Fast Poster Connection Balancing 快速发布连接平衡
└─Use Slow Commenter Accurate Mode 使用慢速评论的准确模式
└─Skip Slow Commenter 跳过慢速评论
└─Start Slow Commenter automatically after FastCommenter快速评论后开始自动慢速评论
└─Slow and Manual Poster Blog Limits慢和手动发布博客限制

Slow and Manual Poster Blog Limits慢和手动发布博客限制

┣:Specify the size of the raw html code which SB is allowed to post to. with a size exceeding this value will be skipped to prevent
wasting of bandwidth and IE deadlocks.


┣:Max Blog Size 最大博客字节

└─Enable Learning Databasein Slow Poster 启用读取数据库并慢速发布

└─Use multi-threaded harvester 使用多线程收割机

└─Adjust multi-threaded harvester proxy retries调整多线程收割机代理尝试
Adjust multi-threaded harvester proxy retries调整多线程收割机代理尝试

┣:Harvester Proxy Retries 收割机代理尝试

└─Randomize Comment Poster Blog List 随机评论发布博客列表

└─Hide taskbar icon when minimized 最小化隐藏任务图标

└─Ask for Confirmation when Exit 请求确认时退出

└─Select Download Server 选择下载服务器
Select Download Server 选择下载服务器

┣:If you have issues downloading addons, name lists or black lists, you can change the download server and try again.


┣:Download server 下载服务器

4.Options 选项

└─Name your Instance of ScrapBox 命名你的ScrapBox实例

└─RSS XML Export Setting RSS XML 输出设置
RSS XML Export Setting RSS XML 输出设置

┣:Title for the RSS XMl Export 标题的RSS XML 输出

┣:Link (url) for the RSS XMl Export 链接的RSS XML 输出

┣:Description fo the RSS XMl Export 说明的RSS XML 输出

└─User Custom User Agents 用户自定义用户代理

└─Edit User Agents 编辑用户代理商

└─Confirm Delete 确定删除

└─Create Desktop Shortcut 创建桌面快捷方式

└─Automatically Remove Duplicate Domains 自动删除重复的域名

└─Auto Recovery 自动恢复

└─Enable Slow Poster Auto Recovery(experimental) 启用慢速发布自动恢复 (实验)

└─Enable Slow Poster Auto Restart after Crash 启用慢速发布崩溃后自动重新启动

└─Check for Addon Updates at Programstart 核查在Programstart的插件更新

└─Slow Commenter:Disable Namespace Filter(higher compatibility)

慢速评论: 禁用命名空间过滤器(较高的兼容性)

└─Notification Email Server Setup 设电子邮件通知服务器
Setup Email Notification Server 设电子邮件通知服务器

┣:ScrapeBox can send notification emails when a task is completed in order to receive notification emails, please setup your email
server below and select the events for which you want to receive a notification email.


┣:Mail Server Setup 邮件服务器设置
┣:Enable Notifications 启用通知
┣:Outgoing Mail Server 发用的电子服务器
┣:Port 端口
┣:Sender Email Address 发送电子邮件地址
┣:User Name 用户名称
┣:Password 密码
┣:Receivers Email Address 接收端的电子邮件地址
┣:Receive Notifications for 接收通知为
┣:Harvester Complete 收割机完成
┣:Comment Poster Complete 评论发布完成
┣:Link Checker Complete 链接核查完成
┣:Proxy Harvester Complete 代理收割机完成

└─Use New Proxy Harvester 使用新的代理收割机

└─Bing API ID’s
Bing API ID's

┣:In order to use the Bing service, you need to provide one or more Bing API id’s. To get such Bing id’s, please visit
http://www.bing.com/developers/default.aspx. Create your Bing API id’s and paste them into the fieldsbelow. You need to provide at
least one (1) API id

为了使用Bing服务器,你需要提供一个或多个Bing API id.要得到这样Bing API id。请访问http://www.bing.com/developers/default.aspx。创建你的 Bing API id
并粘贴到下面的字段。你必须提供至少一个(1)API id

5.Black List 黑名单

└─Download Cloud Blacklist 下载云黑名单

└─Use Blacklist (local and cloud) 使用黑名单(本地和云)

└─Submit entries to Cloud Blacklist 提交进入云黑名单

Submit entries to Cloud Blacklist 提交进入云黑名单

┣:Enter the domain (s) one per line 输入你的域名(s)每行一个
┣:Please indicate the reason for your submission 请注明你提交的原因

└─Edit Local Blacklist 编辑本地黑名单


└─Open Name & Email Generator 开放名字&邮件发布者

└─Delete Name Lists 删除名单

└─Learn mode database editor 学习数据库编辑模式

└─ScrapBox Text Editor ScrapBox 文本编辑

7.Captcha 验证码

└─Setup Automatic Captcha Solving 安装解决自动验证码

Setup Automatic Captcha Solving 安装解决自动验证码

┣:Automatic Captcha Solving is used by the slow commenter only


┣:select Captcha service 选择验证码服务器

┣:Enter your usemame 输入你的用户名

┣:Enter your password 输入你的密码

└─Enable Automatic Captcha Solving for Commenter Accurate Mode


└─Enable Automatic Captcha Solving for proxy Manager (unblocking)


8.Addons 插件

└─Show available addons 显示可用的插件


└─Activate ScrapeBox 激活ScrapeBox

└─Check for Updates 核查更新

└─ViewChangelog 查看更新日志

└─Usage Guide 方法指南

└─Basic Comment Poster Usage 基本的评论发布方法

└─How to Transfer Your License 如何转移你的许可证

└─Short example on how to use learning mode 简短的例子,如何使用学习模式

└─Visit Website 访问网站

└─Buy Proxies 购买代理

└─Test Server Connection 测试服务器链接

└─Server Error Code Reference 服务器错误代码参考

└─Restart in Debug Mode 在调试模式下重新起动

└─Reset All settings 重制所有设制

└─Rollback to previous version 返回到以前的版本号

└─Show ID 显示ID

二、ScrapeBox Harvester 收割机部分

ScrapeBox Harvester 收割机部分

1. 说明:Load Footprint List to Merge with Keywords



2. 说明:Enter your footprint here 在这里输入你的footprint

3. 说明:Clear the footprint 清除footprint

4. 说明:Selecting this enables your own custom footprints from scratch, to search for anything you like.


5. 说明:Selecting this enables you to harvest WordPress Blogs for commenting


6. 说明:Selecting this enables you to harvest BlogEngine for commenting


7. 说明:Selecting this enables you to harvest Movable Type Blogs for commenting

选择这使你收割到Movable Type博客评论

8. 说明:Import keyword list 导入关链词列表

9. 说明:Keyword Scraper 关键词刮刀

Keyword Scraper 关键词刮刀

┣:Enter your Search Keyword (s) below 在下面输入你的的搜索关键词
┣:Results 结果
┣:Select Keyword Scraper Sources 选择成功的关键词刮刀
┣:Scrape 刮
┣:Transfer Results to Keyword List 转移结果到关键词列表
┣:Add to Main Keyword List 加入到主要的关键词列表
┣:Remove Duplicate Keywords 移除重复的关键词
┣:Domain Name Lookup 域名名字查找

10. 说明:Save keyword list 保存关键词列表

11. 说明:Remove duplicate lines 移除重复的行

12. 说明:Clear keyword list 清楚关链词列表

三、ScrapeBox Select Engines & Proxies 搜索引擎与代理部分

ScrapeBox Select Engines & Proxies 搜索引擎与代理部分

1. 说明:Include Google in the search. Google allow to scrape 100 results per result page.

2. 说明:Select, add, or edit the google engines to use

3. 说明:Include Yahoo in the search. Yahoo allow to scrape 100 results per result page.

4. 说明:Include Bing in the search. Bing allow to scrape 50 results per result page.

5. 说明:Include AOL in the search. AOL allow to scrape 20 results per result page.

6. 说明:Use Proxies 使用代理

7. 说明:Set the timespan of returned results of each engine. 设置每个引擎的时间返回结果

8. 说明:Manage or harvest proxies 管理或收割代理
Manage or harvest proxies 管理或收割代理

┣:Harvest Proxies 收割代理
Harvest Proxies 收割代理

┣:Add source 增加来源
└─By typing the url 将输入的网址
└─From a file 从文件
└─From the clipboard 从剪贴板
└─Socks by typing the url Socks 将输入网址
┣:Remove selected 删除选择的
┣:Replace current list 替换当前列表

┣:IP Test IP 测试
说明:Check to test if the proxy will forward your IP. 核查测试代理促进你的IP

┣:Test Proxies 测试代理
说明:Test the proxies in the list 在列表里测试代理

┣:Abort 中止
说明:Abort the proxy test 中止代理测试

┣:Unlock 开启
说明:Unblock proxies marked with ” Error ( IP Blocked, Captcha )”. This will unblock the proxies only for the current ScrapeBox
session. When you exit ScrapeBox, the proxies might be blocked again by google.

┣:CleanUP 清除
说明:Remove bad proxies, remove duplicates. 移除坏的代理,移除重复。

└─Remove Failed Proxies 移除失败代理

└─Remove Duplicate Proxies 移除重复代理

└─Remove Failed, but keep blocked IP’s 移除失败,但保持封锁IP

└─Filter out high latency Proxies 过滤出高延迟代理

┣:Load 加载

说明:Load proxies 加载代理
└─Load and replace current list 加载并代替当前列表

└─Load and merge to current list 加载并融合当前列表

└─Load from Clipboard( replace current list) 从剪贴板加载(代替当前列表)

└─Add from clipboard 从当前加入

┣:Save 保存

说明:Save proxies 保存代理

└─Transfer Good Proxies to Main List 转移好的代理到主要的列表

└─Transfer All Proxies to Main List 转移全部代理到主要列表

└─Save All Proxies to disk 保存全部代理到磁盘

└─Save Good Proxies to disk 保存好的代理到磁盘

└─Save Failed Proxies to disk 保存失败代理到磁盘

9. 说明:Load Proxies from disk 从磁盘加载代理

10. 说明:Save Proxies from disk 从磁盘保存代理

11. 说明:Various additional functions to modify your proxy list 各种附加功能来修改你的代理列表

└─Mark all proxies as socks proxies 标记所有代理和socks 代理一样

└─Mark all proxies as non-socks proxies 标记报有代理和non-sock代理一样

12. 说明:Clear the proxy list 清除代理列表

四、ScrapeBox URL’s Harvested URL收割机部分

ScrapeBox URL's Harvested URL收割机部分

1. URL’s Harvested URL收割机

2. Start Harvesting 开始收割

说明:Start harvesting URL’s. Note that the delay set in the comment poster will be taken into account.
Start Harvesting 开始收割

┣:You are trying to harvest to url’s without the use of proxies! Are you sure you want to continue?


┣:During harvesting ScrapeBox writesthe harvested URL’s to the /Harvester_Sessions/folder in date stamped folders. In the event
URL’s. You may wish to delete these periodically.

在收割ScrapeBox的时候写在URL收割机的邮戳日期的文件夹。在结果的URL 。你可以定期的删除这些。

└─Show this dialog every time 每次显示这对话框

└─Do not show this dialog again 不要再显示这对话框

┣:Not Completed 没完成
┣:Completed 完成
┣:Export Keywords 导入关键词

└─Export all not Completed keywords 导出全部没完成的关键词

└─Export all Completed keywords 导出全部完成的关键词

└─Export all not Completed keywords to keyword list 导出全部没完成的关键词到关键词列表

3. Stop Harvesting 停止收割

4. List 列表
说明:Various List Functions 各种列表功能

└─Transfer URL’s to Blogs for Commenter 转移URL博客到评论

└─Add URL’s to Existing Blogs List for Commenter 加入URL现有的博客列表到评论

└─Transfer URL’s to Websites List for Commenter 转移URL网站列表到评论

└─Add URL’s to Existing List for Commenter 加入URL现有列表到评论

5. Clear

说明:Clear the list of harvested URL’s 清除列表收害的URL

6. Manage Lists 管理列表

7. Remove / Filter 移除/过滤
说明:Remove duplicate domiains or URL’s 移除重复域名或URL

└─Remove Duplicate URL’s 移除重复URL

└─Remove Duplicate Domains 移除重复域名

└─Split Duplicate Domains 分割重复的域名

└─Remove Urls Containing 移除包含URL

└─Remove Urls Not Containing 移除不包含URL

└─Trim Urls to last folder 修剪URL到最后文件夹

8. Trim to Root 修剪根源
说明:Trim URL to Root. If you have more 1000 url’s in your list, it might take a while to complete.
修剪URL到根源。如果你有更多的1000的URL在您的列表 ,它可能需要一段时间才能完成。

9. Check Pagerank 核查网页级别
说明:Check URL or domain pagerank 核查URL 或域名的网页级别

└─GetURL Pagerank 获取URL网页级别

└─Get Domain Pagerank 获取域名的网页级别

10. Check Indexed 核查索引

说明:Check if the listed url’s are index by Google,Yahoo or Bing Search Engines might block your IP temporary when you use this
feature extensively, or when you do not use proxies. Additionally to proxies, please use a random delay.
核查列出的URL在Google,Yahoo 或Bing搜索引擎的索引可能会阻止您的IP时当您使用此功能广泛, 或当你不使用代理。此外,以代理,请使用一个随机的延迟。

└─Google Indexed Google索引

└─Yahoo Indexed Yahoo索引

└─Bing Indexed Bing索引

11. Grab Emails 攫取电子邮件
说明:Grab email addresses from websites and local files. Note that the delay set in the comment poster will be taken into account.

└─From harvested URL List 从收割URL列表

└─From a local file 从本地文件

12. Import URL List 导入URL列表
说明:Import or Merge a URL List 导入或合并URL列表

└─Import and replace current list 导入并代替当前列表

└─Import and add to current list 导入并加入当前列表

└─Select the URL lists to compare 选择URL列表进行比较

└─Select the URL lists to compare on the domain level 选择URL列表在域名级别进行比较

└─Paste / Replace from Clipboard( replace current list) 从剪贴板进行粘贴/代理(代替当前列表)

└─Paste / Add from Clipboard( append to existing list) 从剪贴板粘贴/加入(追加到目前列表)

13. Export URL List 导出URL列表

└─Export as Text(.txt) 导出为Text

└─Export as Text(.txt) and split list 导出为Text并分割列表

└─Export as Text(.txt) and randomize list 导出为Text并随机列表

└─Export as Html(.html) 导出为Html

└─Export as Excle(.xls) 导出为Excle

└─Export as RSS XML List 导出为RSS XML列表

└─Add to existing list 加入目前列表

└─Copy all url’s to the Clipboard 拷贝全部URL到剪贴板

└─Export indexed URL’s 导出索引URL

└─Export not indexed URL’s 导出不被索引的URL

14. Import / Export URL’s & PR 导入/导出URL’s &PR
说明:Export the url list and page ranks 导出url列表和网页权重

└─Export as Text(.txt) 导出为Text

└─Export as CSV(.csv) 导出为CSV

└─Export as Html(.html) 导出为Html

└─Export as Excle(.xls) 导出为Excle

└─Import from Text(.txt) 从Text导入

└─Add from Text(.txt) 从Text加入

15.Update 更新

五、ScrapeBox Comment Poster 评论发布部分

ScrapeBox Comment Poster 评论发布部分

1. Comment Poster 评论发布

2. Fast Poster 快速发布

说明:Select to post comments to sites using the Fast Poster. Posts can be made toWordpress, MovableType, BlogEngin, and B2Evolution.

选择发布评论的网站利用快速发布。能成功发布到Wordpress, MovableType, BlogEngin, and B2Evolution.

3. Slow Poster 慢速发布

说明:Select to post comments to sites using the Slow browser basted poster. Posts can be made to WordPress, MovableType, BlogEngin,
Drupal, B2Evolution and ExpressionEngine.

选择发布评论的网站利用慢速浏览器进发布。能成功发布到Wordpress, MovableType, BlogEngin, Drupal, B2Evolution and ExpressionEngine.

4. Manual Poster 手动发布

说明:Select to post comments manually using a special browser. Additionally, you can use the learning mode to teach ScrapeBox unknown


5. Delay 延迟

说明:The delay is used for the normal Harvester, Ping Mode, Pagerank and Email grabber. Please note:When you select RND, the delay
settings in the main menu” Setting-> Adjust RND Delay Range” will be applied, which is in minutes.

延迟是用于正常的收割机,Ping 方式,网页级别和Email掠夺者。请注意:当你选择RND,在主菜单”设置” ->调整RND的延迟范围”将被应用,在几分钟内调整。

6. Pause 暂停

说明:Toggle pause / resume 切换暂停/ 开始

7. Ping Mode Ping模式

说明:Select to use ping mode instead of post mode.


8. RSS

说明:Select if you like to do XML-RPC Pings to a Feed Service.

选择如果你喜欢的XML-RPC Ping 供给服务器

9. TrackBacks 引用

说明:Select if you like to send trackbacks to blogs.


10. Check Links 核查键接

说明:Select if you like go check links.


11. Test Comments 测试评论

说明:Review how comments will be generated before you post them.


12. name-Open

说明:Select the list of name used when posting comments.


13. Emails-Open

说明:Select the list of email addresses used when posting comments.


14. Websites-Open

说明:Select the websites used as your backlike.


15. Comments-Open

说明:Select the list of Comments used when posting comments.


16. Blog Lists-Open

说明:Select the list of blogs where you want to post comments.


17. Edit the list


18. Status 状态

Success 成功

Failed 失败

List Status 列表状态

19. Start Posing 开始发布

20. Stop / Abort 停止/退出

21. Export 导入

说明:Click to export the log file. When you export valid or failed entries, the status ( Success or Failed ) will be removed and only the
urls will be saved.


└─Export all entries 导入所有的条目

└─Export ” Posted ” entries 导入”发布”条目

└─Export ” Failed ” entries 导入”失败”条目

└─Export ” Captcha ” entries 导入”验证码”条目

└─Add to existing list 加入现有列表

└─Create Comment Report 创建评论报告

└─Export Error Log 导入错误日志

22. Clear List 清除列表

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